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robert rustermier, untitled (_1_2°; lines and dots series), oil paint-pigmented paraffin w

about the wax panels

           The panels are constructed using 3/8" ply panel mounted to a 1-1/2"x3/4" profile interlocking oak frame screwed to the plywood at 4 inch intervals.  Hardware cloth with a 1/2" opening is then stapled to both front and back in order to provide the wax a greater mechanical bite when poured onto the bedded panel.


           Wax is then heated and poured onto the panel, back and front, when flat.  Oil paint is used for color to create image and effect.  Recent work encases the entire frame system in wax so as to totally bury the frame in wax, enhancing the "objectness" of the panel.


care and maintenance of the wax panel


1.  Do not subject the panel to extremes of heat (temperatures in excess of 110°F) or cold (below 45°F).  (Temperatures noted err on the conservative side.)


2.  Unlike an oil painting, this work is much less affected by sunlight (UV light), a condition that will, over time, adversely affect paintings in oil.  Nonetheless, common sense must be exercised here.  Any condition where the panel is exposed to adverse extremes should be avoided.


3.  Lightly buff the panel occasionally with a fleece cloth (provided) to remove any surface dust and/or fingerprints (such as might occur when handling the panel during installation).  An occasional buffing will preserve the luster your panel will have on receipt.  You can always use a soft-bristle brush such as a makeup brush to dust the surface.


4.  Handle the panel carefully.  Always place the panel face up when handling.  Store the panel in the protective sleeves -- liner and outside wrap -- when not on view.


5.  Accidents do happen.  Contact me should anything ever happen to your panel.





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